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Autumn in Austria


Autumn is a time of many festivals in Austria. There is the autumn festival in Steiermark, the farmer’s fall in Salzburg, the harvest festival in Seeboden and many others. Everywhere a year rich in success is finally drawing to a close. Preparations for the winter months are beginning. The mild autumn evenings are there to be savoured as you enjoy the traditional Austrian delights that this season of abundance has to offer.
Autumn in Austria means wine and Austrian wines are well-known around the world. Thanks to the traditional delicious meals and accompanying wines, an autumn days spent in Austria can become a real culinary event. The regions of Wachau, the valley Kremstal, Lower Austria, la Steiermark e ilBurgenland are especially famous for their excellent wines.
Every year about 290 millions of hectolitres of wine are produced in the world. The Austria produces only 1% of that amount. A small wine growing country such as Austria concentrates on the production of excellent and high quality wines. The motto is "Quality instead of quantity". The quality of an excellent wine is due to four factors: the soil, the climate, the grape-vine and the grower. It is the grower must find the right harmony between the soil, the conditions of microclimate and the choice of grape. Austria has a great variety of grapes which are adapted to the different conditions of soil and climate. There are, among the most famous ones, about twenty types of white wine and ten types of red wine. The majority of vineyards, about 77%, is dedicated to white grapes; the cultivation of red wine grapes (23%) has begun recently.
In autumn there are many offers for a holiday with the whole family or for a romantic stay with your partner. The autumn season is relaxing, comfortable and, above all, less expensive than the hot summer months. Autumn is also the ideal season for biking tours, long hiking trips and excursions in the surroundings.

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